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Environmental Charter

Commitment to the Environment and Sustainability


Our environmental manager has received specific training on the challenges of sustainable tourism, environmental protection, and CSR;

Our teams are trained in eco-friendly practices in their daily tasks;

We select our service providers and suppliers based on their sustainable and social commitments;

We provide our clients with educational displays encouraging eco-friendly practices;

We offer alternatives to limit car travel in Paris: information on Vélib stations, public transportation routes, and eco-friendly vehicles;

Our staff is trained and available to meet the specific needs of people with disabilities and ensure them a comfortable and pleasant stay.


We check our water and electricity consumption meters every month to better manage our usage. We use the urban heating network of Paris for our hot water consumption and for heating the establishment to reduce our fossil energy consumption.

We replace every bulb with an energy-efficient bulb and have already equipped a large part of our spaces;

All our lighting is LED, which allows energy savings and similar comfort for our clients;

We have installed presence detectors/timers in common areas/corridors to limit energy waste;

We have installed in each room a central switch that allows reducing electricity usage when our clients are not in their room;

We encourage our clients to use air conditioning responsibly, and linens are replaced upon request.


We have implemented bins for triple flow waste in the rooms, with a three-compartment bin to encourage sorting: plastic/cardboard, general waste, and organic waste. In addition to this initial sorting, our team members take care of sorting glass;

We use an external composting partner for organic waste;

We work with mostly bulk or large packaging products to limit unnecessary packaging;

We use as little paper as possible in all our services, and thus offer invoice sending by email;

We have eliminated plastic bottles throughout the hotel and offer quality filtered water on site.


We offer vegetarian dishes on the restaurant menu and vegan dishes upon request, using local and seasonal products, and adapting to certain special diets;

Our menus offer organic and/or fair trade products.

The products used for cleaning the premises are eco-labeled, which provides better air quality and fewer health risks;

For the well-being of our teams and yours, we use ozonated water for cleaning the establishment and steam.


We have initiated a certification process with the Clef Verte label, which will allow us to valorize all our initiatives.